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Teacher Testimonies

Dave is a brilliant teacher, he has a true passion for what he does. He wants to give his students the best experiences and resources possible.  His school have been going on tours with us for over 5 years and he feels there are still many more tours yet to come.

Dave Lawal

Rich has always been a highly respected client of ours. He used to be responsible for organising the school trips, it's a lot of work, which as a teacher you don't have any time for. That's where we come along...

Rich Snape

Veronica is a teacher at The Mackay School in Chile. The school has used SLT Tours as their provider for years, but 2019 was the first time she was able to experience what an SLT tour was like. 

Veronica Cordero

Example Itinerary:

day 1

Arrive in Spain

Enjoy some free time

Evening meal at the hotel

day 3

day 5

Breakfast at the hotel

Full day at Activ Natura

Evening meal off-site

Breakfast at the hotel


day 2

Breakfast at the hotel

Tour of the Nou Camp Stadium

Explore the centre of Barcelona

Netball & football fixture

Evening meal at the hotel

day 4

Breakfast at the hotel

Visit La Sagrada Familia

Netball & football fixture 

Beach Activities 

Pizza Night

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Covid Guarantee

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If your tour can't go ahead due to the pandemic we will first try to reschedule the tour.

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If the tour can't be rearranged or you simply want your money back

- you are entitled to a full refund.

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Regardless of what happens you

will come first and you won't

be short of any money.

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