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How will the coronavirus pandemic affect your future tours?

Here at SLT Tours we understand why everyone is so sceptical about travelling. The government guidelines have been a bit vague and a lot of people are left wondering when they’ll be able to go away again and what the risks are of booking a trip in the future?

I personally have had multiple holidays cancelled this year due to the pandemic and I was let down by many companies that I thought I could trust. We don’t want our customers to go through the hassle I did, of trying to organise an alternative or get my money back, so we’ve decided to make our customers a couple of promises.

Firstly, if your tour gets cancelled due to FCO regulations we’ll try to offer you a suitable alternative, perhaps a tour closer to home. However, if we can’t offer you something suitable we will provide you with a full refund.

We’re also releasing a range of new UK tour packages so you & your group can have a tour experience without having to travel too far!

I hope this makes you feel confident about booking a tour with us. We want our customers to become our partner in organising amazing experiences which fulfil cultural and educational objectives.

If you have any suggestions of what else would help put your mind at ease then please contact us at

Jess :)

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