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Entering the travel industry

Working in the travelling industry has always been my dream, but I never thought I’d be entering it in the middle of a global pandemic…

2020 has been a hectic year, for all of us. Personally, I’d just finished my second year of marketing at Liverpool John Moores University and I was trying to find a placement for the next academic year. It was extremely difficult to find a placement, only 15% of applicants get one in the end and that figure was even lower due to cuts in company funds.

I was ecstatic when I landed the job with SLT Tours - I didn’t just want any placement, I wanted a good one - one I would genuinely enjoy. They took me on as their lead employee in digital marketing and I’d also be taking on the role of an international tour manager.

At the start I was most excited about was the travelling side of it all. I had a vision of exploring the world and marketing a business. However, because of the pandemic my job is different to how I’d initially envisioned it.

Rather than exploring the world right now, my role is to build our brand image so that as soon as the world is up and running - we will be the group travel operator everyone wants to use! We’ve used the lock down period to brainstorm and develop our business, we’re constantly seeking ways to improve our operations and service.

Whilst working with SLT Tours I’ve been establishing a presence on social media, it’s something they’d never really had time for before but now I make sure to do at least 3 posts a week displaying some of the amazing tours that we have led before.

I have so much I want to do whilst I work with SLT Tours, then maybe one day hopefully have the skills I need to run my own business, I just need to find the right idea...

We want to live by our slogan ‘It’s stress free with SLT!’ So feel free to contact us regarding any feedback or suggestions, like I said we’re always looking to learn and progress!

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